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15 Best Broccoli Companion Plants for Your Garden

15 Best Broccoli Companion Plants for Your Garden

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Broccoli is a garden favorite, not just for its delicious and nutritious florets, but also for its versatility in a wide range of dishes.

As you plan your garden, it’s essential to consider which plants can help your broccoli thrive and ward off potential pests.

In this article, we’ll explore 15 of the best companion plants to help your broccoli reach its full potential.

So, let’s dive in and see how these plant buddies can create a green and flourishing garden space!

1. Onion

Onions and broccoli are like two peas in a pod, or rather, two plants in a garden bed.

The pungent smell of onions helps deter pests that might otherwise snack on your broccoli.

Additionally, onions help to suppress weeds, giving your broccoli the space it needs to grow.

Interplant onions with your broccoli to create a mutually beneficial garden relationship.

Onions also provide nutrients to the soil, promoting healthier growth in broccoli plants.

Together, onions and broccoli form a powerful duo that can help ensure a thriving, pest-free garden.

2. Garlic

Garlic not only adds flavor to your favorite dishes, but it also makes a fantastic companion for broccoli.

Like onions, garlic’s strong scent repels many common garden pests, protecting your broccoli plants.

Plant garlic cloves between broccoli plants in the fall, and they will be ready to harvest the following summer.

In addition to repelling pests, garlic can also help improve soil quality by adding beneficial nutrients.

By planting garlic alongside your broccoli, you’re not only safeguarding your plants from pests but also enriching your garden soil for healthier growth.

3. Marigolds

Marigolds are a beautiful and functional companion for your broccoli.

Their vibrant blooms attract beneficial insects like ladybugs, which prey on harmful pests like aphids.

Marigolds also produce a chemical called alpha-terthienyl, which helps to deter nematodes, tiny soil-dwelling pests that can damage broccoli roots.

Plant marigolds around the border of your broccoli bed or interplant them among the broccoli plants for maximum benefits.

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Not only will your garden be full of color, but your broccoli will also be protected from various pests.

4. Beets

Beets are an excellent companion for broccoli as they have complementary growth habits.

Beet roots grow deep in the soil, allowing the plant to access water and nutrients that may be out of reach for broccoli.

This relationship helps both plants to grow stronger and healthier.

In addition, beets and broccoli don’t compete for the same nutrients, so planting them together won’t cause any problems.

Interplant beets and broccoli for a bountiful harvest of nutritious and delicious veggies.

5. Bush Beans

Bush beans are a perfect companion for broccoli.

They are nitrogen-fixing plants, which means they convert atmospheric nitrogen into a form that plants can use.

This natural fertilization process benefits broccoli plants, promoting healthy growth and better floret production.

In return, broccoli provides shade for the bush beans, helping them to stay cool during hot summer days.

Plant bush beans alongside your broccoli plants for a mutually beneficial relationship and a bountiful harvest.

6. Celery

Celery and broccoli are compatible companions in the garden, as they share similar growing requirements and don’t compete for nutrients.

Celery’s robust root system helps to loosen and aerate the soil, which allows the broccoli roots to grow more freely.

This increased root growth can result in healthier, more productive broccoli plants.

Plant celery and broccoli together to make the most of their companion relationship.

7. Lettuce

Lettuce is an excellent companion for broccoli due to its low-growing habit and shallow root system.

Like spinach, lettuce can act as a living mulch, conserving moisture in the soil and suppressing weeds.

Lettuce also provides a habitat for beneficial insects, which can help control pests that may target your broccoli.

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By interplanting lettuce with your broccoli, you create a diverse garden ecosystem that promotes healthy growth for all your plants.

8. Spinach

Spinach is another low-growing companion that benefits broccoli.

Its dense foliage helps retain soil moisture and suppress weeds, while its shallow root system doesn’t compete with broccoli for nutrients.

Planting spinach between broccoli plants creates a natural, nutrient-rich mulch that benefits both plants.

Plus, you’ll have the makings of a delicious, healthy salad right in your garden!

9. Peas

Peas and broccoli are great companions because they both enjoy cool weather and share similar growing requirements.

Peas, like bush beans, are nitrogen-fixing plants that improve soil fertility, benefiting your broccoli.

In return, the tall, leafy broccoli plants provide support and shade for the climbing pea vines.

This pairing maximizes space in your garden and yields a bountiful harvest of nutritious veggies.

10. Radishes

Radishes make excellent companions for broccoli due to their quick maturation and ability to deter pests.

The sharp taste and smell of radishes can repel various insects, including those that target broccoli.

Radishes also help to break up compacted soil, which allows for better root growth in your broccoli plants.

Plant radishes alongside broccoli for a pest-free garden with improved soil conditions.

11. Borage

Borage is a beautiful flowering herb that attracts pollinators and beneficial insects to your garden.

These insects, such as bees, ladybugs, and lacewings, help to pollinate your plants and control pests.

Borage also contains compounds that can deter harmful cabbage worms, a common pest of broccoli.

Plant borage near your broccoli for a garden that’s both lovely and productive.

12. Sage

Sage is an aromatic herb that makes a wonderful companion for broccoli.

Its strong scent can deter various pests, including cabbage moths and cabbage worms.

Sage also attracts beneficial insects like bees and butterflies, which can help with pollination.

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Incorporate sage into your garden plan to provide natural pest control and support a healthy, diverse ecosystem.

13. Thyme

Thyme is another fragrant herb that can help protect your broccoli from pests.

Its scent deters many common garden pests, such as cabbage moths, aphids, and whiteflies.

In addition, thyme attracts beneficial insects like ladybugs and lacewings, which prey on harmful pests.

Plant thyme around your broccoli plants for a fragrant and pest-free garden.

14. Nasturtiums

Nasturtiums are beautiful flowering plants that make excellent companions for broccoli.

Their bright blooms attract pollinators and beneficial insects while also acting as a trap crop for aphids, drawing them away from your broccoli.

Nasturtiums also deter whiteflies and squash bugs, further protecting your garden from unwanted pests.

Plant nasturtiums near your broccoli for a stunning and functional garden addition.

15. Chamomile

Chamomile is a versatile herb that offers numerous benefits when planted alongside broccoli.

It attracts beneficial insects, like ladybugs and lacewings, which help control pests that may target your broccoli.

Chamomile also improves the soil’s structure and fertility, promoting healthier growth in your broccoli plants.

Finally, its delicate flowers add a touch of beauty to your garden.

Plant chamomile near your broccoli for a thriving, picturesque garden bed.

Final Thoughts

By carefully selecting companion plants for your broccoli, you can create a thriving garden ecosystem that promotes healthy growth, deters pests, and maximizes your harvest.

These 15 companion plants not only offer protection for your broccoli but also add beauty, diversity, and additional harvests to your garden.

So, when planning your next garden layout, make sure to invite these plant pals to the party!

You’ll be rewarded with a beautiful, bountiful, and pest-free garden that will be the envy of all your fellow green-thumbed friends.

Remember, in gardening as in life, it’s all about finding the right companions to help you flourish. Happy gardening!